Akylone concept


AKYLONE is the first model of SA Genty Automobile, a new French luxury vehicle manufacturer.

This project consists in the design and production of a sports vehicle of the “hypercar” type, a vehicle whose horsepower is written with 4 numbers. His passion for cars combined with his strong expertise in advanced composite materials, has led Frédéric Genty to realize and share his vision of an outstanding vehicle, with very high level performance and an uncompromising design.

AKYLONE is the result of unique technical expertise combined with the most advanced materials.

Its power / weight ratio is one of the best reached by a vehicle of the same car category (1200 hp for 1280 kg)

Its performance, agility, aerodynamic finesse, the versatility of its frame on the road and on the track will undoubtedly make AKYLONE a new reference.

AKYLONE represents the subtle alchemy between uncompromising performances and the emotion that a true piece of art can evoke.

www.akylone.com is therefore the online shopping site where you will find exclusive products of the brand.

Enjoy your shopping.